We’ve launched our collection as a nod to the timeless wedding rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Each phrase symbolizes items given to the couple as a token of love and well-wishes for a happy, healthy, strong marriage and future together.

All of the items we’ve brought together as rentals for Borrowed & Blue are a representation of this romantic idea. Our team of wedding specialists are here to help you choose and customize your wedding decor with some of the industry's top wedding trends and classic pieces matching your theme and love story.

Forget having to buy items you might only use once…

Now, you can rent undeniable charm and character for your special day that’s magically perfect in every way.

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Meet the creators and collectors of the Borrowed & Blue collection:


Alex is a huge player with each venue which includes many jobs. He cares for and maintains the buildings and grounds. He builds all of our arbors, backdrops, and new additions. He also does all of our building setups, ceremony setups, and even does tours of the space as well. He will continue to build Borrowed & Blue with his craftsmanship and his ability to build almost anything.


Julianna is Alex’s wife. They were married at Pebble Creek Farm. Julianna is great at keeping up with trends and coming up with new items to rent. She also works as an event manager at the venue, a nurse, and a mother. She will be managing items and pulling inventory, along with assisting with the staging and photos.


Chandler is your go-to for questions about the items and help curating a decor package perfect for your special day! Her role with Borrowed & Blue includes a lot of the online presence, since she moved away from the area after the startup of the venues back in 2017. Chandler is happy to help in any way possible, especially on social media, email, answering questions, etc.


Chelsey is constantly finding new and exciting rental items to add to the inventory based on market trends, as well as classic staples. She has an eye for detail and enjoys helping clients and each of the other owners from back-end responsibilities, to assisting with the building process, staging, gathering photos, and all things in-between.

Our family has witnessed couples at both of our two wedding venues who desire items of decor that they were unable to purchase or craft themselves.

After personally hosting hundreds of weddings, we are now realizing our dream of having a collection of unique, upscale, and one-of-a-kind items that will help you personalize your event at a reasonable cost.

Our affordable rental fees make it possible for you to…

  • bypass the ordering,
  • skip the hours of DIY, 
  • and spare yourself the extravagant cost of most wedding decor.

Instead, simply borrow special items of your choosing to delight your guests and family on the day of your wedding.